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Sports Chiropractic, Dry Needling, and Manual Therapies

The treatment methods of Olathe Chiropractor Clinic Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury are simple in concept, but advanced in their implementation.

As one of Kansas City’s premier chiropractic centers for joint adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and rehabilitative exercise, our goal is to loosen tight tissues, strengthen weak muscles, and help stiff joints move properly.

Active Release Techniques (ART) Soft Tissue Therapy

ART is a soft tissue protocol designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. Our body uses scar tissue extensively in the same way that tar patch repairs are added to fix small cracks in the road. When muscles, or other tissues, are overstressed or injured, our bodies use scar tissue as a patch repair. This is a natural part of the healing process. However, if the source of the injury is not corrected the tissue will accumulate too much scar tissue, which then becomes a problem. This is similar to when a road has been given too many patch repairs and is no longer smooth.iodice ART

ART is not a massage!

Massage is useful for temporarily decreasing muscle tension, but ART has a very different purpose. Instead, the intent is to “resurface the road.”

This technique works out the scar tissue and helps the tissues to heal normally with long-lasting results. It is important to state that pain, numbness, or other symptoms may not resolve if the scar tissue is not broken up as well as the source of the tension discovered. Both of these can be accomplished by a careful exam and knowledgeable ART provider.

Dry Needling

This treatment involves placing very thin, solid needles into tight or painful muscles. It is particularly helpful in treating trigger point “knots” and stimulating proper muscle function before rehab. We are one of the few clinics in the midwest to be trained in both Functional and Integrative Dry Needing. One focuses more on releasing muscle knots while the other is a type of medical acupuncture for muscle, joint, and nerve injuries.

Spinal and Extremity Adjusting

Adjusting, also called joint manipulation or mobilizations, is a tremendously effective tool in addressing restricted joints. Improper movement of joints will interfere with the movement chains of the body and can lead to pain or tissue damage. Chiropractic adjustments safely and effectively restore motion to restricted joints and normalize the movement of the body as a whole.

Adjusting involves placing the body into a safe position to encourage the desired movement and applying quick, gentle push or pull forces on the joints.

Dr. Iodice taught an adjusting course at Cleveland Chiropractic College for 9 years.

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Commonly known as Graston and ASTYM, this soft tissue release method involves rubbing metal instruments over the skin. IASTM differs from ART in that it is meant to treat injuries and movement restrictions involving the fascia, or connective tissue. It is particularly useful in treatment of tendonitis, golfer’s elbow, and tennis elbow (medial and lateral epicondylitis). There are very few providers skilled in both ART and IASTM in Kansas City.

Kinesio Taping (KT)

Our doctors are certified in Kinesiology Taping, a revolutionary functional taping protocol. By applying elastic tape in certain directions with certain amount of force, muscles can be relaxed or tightened and joints can be supported.

KT taping supports injured tissues, facilitates treatment, and helps stimulate healing, making it very helpful in the treatment of athletic injuries.

Neuromobilization (Nerve Flossing)

Nerve Flossing techniques involve the treatment of the nerves in the extremities. Patients performing certain prescribed motions will encourage normalized nerve function and thereby decrease symptoms. At ACR, we use these techniques in conjunction with Dry Needling and ART for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, and other nerve entrapment problems.

Ergonomic Consultation

Many workplace injuries are a result of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD). CTDs are injuries that occur not from one specific incident, but rather from performing a set of movements repetitively (such as typing or controlling a mouse).

Our doctors will evaluate the workplace and suggest changes that may assist in minimizing this type of injury. Using a combination of the therapies available to him, Dr. Iodice is also able to effectively treat workers suffering from these types of disorders.

Reflex Neuromuscular Stimulation (Reflex Stim)

Developed in the Czech Republic and Germany, this technique is effective at decreasing tension in overworked muscles and increasing tone in underworked muscles. Thus, soft tissue treatments and exercise are more effective. This technique was created to help individuals with cerebral palsy, but has since proven beneficial for many conditions.

Gait Analysis

Much information can be gained from watching someone walk, or gait. This analysis helps our doctors to identify muscle imbalances and altered movement patterns quickly and effectively, leading to a treatment program.

Rehabilitative Exercise Protocols

Our rehabilitative protocols require active patient participation and are meant to reproduce actions necessary for natural and efficient movements. Research has shown that patients with chronic pain improve faster with increased activity. Our doctors will develop an individualized exercise protocol specifically designed for each patient according to their type of injury and the sport/activity they wish to return to. Scientific studies also show that exercise is more effective when combined with manual therapy (adjustments, soft tissue treatments, etc).

This treatment is helpful for improving blood flow to injured areas, particularly areas of chronic injury. It involves placing suction cups on the skin that rupture fragile, damaged microscopic blood vessels. This creates the characteristic bruised circles popularized by images of Michael Phelps at the Olympics. This process results in the body creating brand new, stronger, and better functional blood vessels; hence, it literally improves blood flow.

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