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"Always friendly, helpful, and professional."
— Nadine B.

"Kind, friendly, considerate are 3 of many words I could use to describe my visits."
— Dolly J.

"I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Dr. Iodice! He has worked miracles. I spent 4 months in pain before seeing him and he was able to diagnose my issues in a very short amount of time and help facilitate my recovery."
— Roseanda H.

"I have been receiving care at this clinic for several years. Dr. Iodice is professional and friendly. He recommends the number of treatments needed for your condition and not more, which I appreciate. I've been to some chiropractors who say you should come back 2-3 times a week forever. I like his up-to-date approach. He is very knowledgeable and current in his field."
— Kim S.

"I believe in a holistic approach to healthcare and have benefited from chiropractor care for more than 15 years. I have also sought pain relief from my general physician (prescription pain relief) and attended physical therapy for various ailments. Nothing has ever compared to the results I achieved with Dr. Iodice. When I first met Dr. Iodice back in 2013, I was a mess. I had a small child and hadn't focused on taking care of myself for quite a while. From chronic TMJ issues to CTD injuries to overall physical stress present in my muscles, Dr. Iodice had a plan to help me drastically improve my quality of life and get back to feeling normal. I had layers of problems that had accumulated over time, and Dr. Iodice approached each one with care and concern. The most important thing to note is that Dr. Iodice is personable and has a genuine interest in seeing you healthy and happy. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Iodice and his wonderful staff for any pain or injury you're coping with."
— Jacque H.

"I was treated with respect and kindness. Everyone of the staff greeted me and was friendly. Everything was explained in plain terms, from how it happened to how it would be treated."
— Dolly J.

"I've only been once so far but the staff was friendly and seem to be knowledgeable. I was referred by a friend that had good things to say."
— Doug B.

"Great front office staff, always make you feel comfortable! Dr. Iodice is very thorough and cares about his patients, even calling in the evening to check in and answer any questions. Highly recommend!"
— Jessica G.

"Caring staff, very throrough on instructions for home exercise, knowledge and expertise for the best treatment, files and helps with insurance, they have risen the bar in this area of healthcare!! They are the best!"
— Cheryl A.

"this the first time that I have struck with this office, other place i felt like getting rip off, they are not real,once u get to know them and u feel their warmth and sincere u will know why people travel from MO just to get the help u need"
— Tim S.

"I can always get in right away and I love all of the staff! Everyone is so welcoming, they make you feel like family."
— Melissa N.

"Dr. Iodice does an excellent job at explaining your injury, recommended treatment and prognosis. My injury ended up being four separate issues. Dr Iodice patiently went thoroughly thru each injury until I was pain free. Not sure how he convinced me that I was strong enough to participate in my treatment. The staff worked with me and set up a fair payment plan while I was going through a job transition. Never missed an appointment or payment. Kudos to the entire team. Although I pray I never have to see him as a patient, I would not hesitate to return."
— Judi J.

"By far the most knowledgeable chiropractor I have had the pleasure of working with, and I have worked with MANY. He is the first to be able to give me a solution and explanation to an injury I had eight years ago. I have recommended many to him, and will continue to do so."
— Katie G.

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Iodice and his staff. I have previously received care from several different chiropractors over the past 30 years, but Dr. Iodice has been the first who has been able to find the cause and cure the pain. Now I just go for routine maintenance adjustments - feels great! Also his staff is excellent - feels like visiting family."
— Eric W.

"Dr. Iodice is extremely knowledgeable about chiropractic care and injuries. He has helped my entire family with all types of issues. He takes the time to listen to what you have to say, and takes the time to explain his plan for treating you. He doesn't just "pop" your back and say goodbye, asking you to come back every other day. He knows what he is doing and has several different techniques and methods on how to treat your ailments. I would recommend him to everyone!"
— Dale S.

"Very courteous Knowledgeable staff"
— Chuck W.