Pregnancy and Back Pain

Example of adjusting to loosen stiff joints

Pregnancy and back pain are very common, but are often untreated. Studies suggest that 60-80% of pregnancies will experience joint and back pain.

However, studies also show that the vast majority of these cases go untreated and study participants support a general attitude of, “it’s normal to have back and pelvic pain during pregnancy so just deal with it.” Despite the huge number of pregnant women with these conditions, they are an underserved population.

How are pregnancy and back pain related?

The #1 cause of back pain in women is pregnancy.

Simply put, it is the result of increased strain placed upon structures of the spine and pelvis due to over-stretching and weakness of the abdominals, shifting center of gravity, postural changes, and hormonal changes.

How do you treat back pain while I’m pregnant?

Since pregnant women are all undergoing the same processes, predictable patterns of muscle and joint problems arise. Thus, we not only deal with current symptoms, but try to prevent those that may occur in a different stage.

Generally, ART and self stretching are used to loosen tight or injured muscles. While rehabilitative exercises are employed to strengthen weak muscles, the patient is also instructed on how to manage their condition(s).

How far into my pregnancy can I expect back pain?

It can occur at any time. The majority of back and pelvic pain in pregnancy occurs at 25-30 weeks and, if untreated, will usually persist. However, an important indicator of pain later in pregnancy is pain early on. It is very important that women experiencing pregnancy related joint and/or back pain seek care sooner rather than later. Please schedule an appointment at Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury if this is you. We would love to help you. Since back pain in pregnancy is so common, it is also wise for expecting mothers to seek care before pain arises as it’s easier to prevent these issues than it is to manage them when they arrive.

Is joint pain during pregnancy also related to my pregnancy and back pain?

Yes. The hormones released during pregnancy loosen ligaments which affect the whole body.

Can you treat both of my pregnancy related pains? My joints? And my back?

Typically, yes we can. We have experienced great success in treating pregnancy pain. Again, since the changes to the mother’s body are predictable, we are usually able to diagnose the causes of pain very accurately. This allows us to administer effective treatments.

How far into my pregnancy can I be treated?

It is safe to treat during the entire pregnancy. Our treatments are completely safe for the baby at any stage. However, the sooner a patient seeks care for their discomfort, the more effective it usually is.

We are also often successful in helping expectant mothers to have an enjoyable experience if we see them before symptoms arise. Since the majority of expectant mothers will experience back or pelvic pain, it would be wise to seek preventative care, which our services can often provide.

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