Joint Paint During Pregnancy

Most joint pain during pregnancy occurs in the pelvis or lower back.

The body changes throughout the pregnancy and the joint pain occurs due to any of the following:

  • over-stretching of the abdominals
  • weakness of the abdominals
  • a shifting center of gravity
  • postural changes
  • hormonal changes

This results in too much strain of certain structures.

How do you treat joint pain during pregnancy?

Soft tissue release and rehab exercises are used extensively, resulting in significant symptom relief for the mother.

Our doctors are trained in research-proven, pregnancy-related pain relief treatments which are completely safe for the baby!

Pregnant women are often not allowed to take certain medications for the discomfort of low back, mid back, or pelvic pain. Our doctors will work hand-in-hand with your OB/GYN to provide a safe, drug-free alternative to help alleviate the pain and provide a more positive pregnancy experience.

How long will the treatments last?

The first 2 visits will take 20-30 minutes. Subsequent treatments consist of 10-20 min of treatment followed by rehab therapies.

What if I have joint pain during my pregnancy AND back pain?

They are likely from the same causes, which allows us to take a similar approach in treating them. Since pregnant women are all undergoing the same processes, predictable patterns of muscle and joint problems arise.

Thus, we can not only deal with current symptoms, but try to prevent those that may occur in a different stage. Generally, ART and self stretching are used to loosen tight or injured muscles, rehab exercises are employed to strengthen weak muscles, and the patient is instructed on how to manage their condition(s).

Do you treat BOTH pregnancy related back pain and joint pain?

Yes, the pregnancy and back pain are interrelated to your joint pain during pregnancy.

We utilize ART, rehab exercise, and adjusting to facilitate better function and decreased strain to the joints and spine.

Can both pains be treated in the same office visit?

Absolutely! Low back and pelvic discomfort are often interrelated. ART and our other soft tissue techniques, combined with rehabilitative exercise and adjustments offer patients long lasting relief.

Is joint pain during pregnancy common?

Yes, but amazingly pregnant women are an underserved population. Pregnancy is the #1 cause of pain in women. 60-80% of pregnancies will be painful, but few women report being treated for their back pain. Many of those who choose medication only report poor results. At Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury we successfully treat joint pain without medication.

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