Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Dry Needling for carpal tunnel syndrome

Before we discuss carpal tunnel treatment we need to determine the exact locations of the nerve entrapment. This allows the Dr. to know where to treat.

There are about ½ dozen common entrapment sites for the median nerve to produce “carpal tunnel” symptoms. After this exam, our doctors will use a combination of Dry Needling, ART and “nerve flossing” movements to free the entrapment sites.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common type of peripheral nerve entrapment, but is often misdiagnosed. CTS involves:

  • numbness in the thumb
  • numbness in the thumb index finger
  • numbness in the middle fingers on the palm side of the hand
  • weakness in the thumb muscles

If you think you have carpal tunnel syndrome – schedule an exam at Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury. We have a high success rate with our carpal tunnel treatment patients.

How long will I be in the office for the treatment?

The first 2 visits will be 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, they will be 15-20 minutes of treatment followed by rehab therapies.

Where is the carpal tunnel structure located?

The name is also misleading as the structure called the “carpal tunnel” is often not the location of the entrapment. All nerve entrapments, including CTS, are the result of a nerve having excessive pressure placed upon in as it passes through a structure. In the case of CTS, the median nerve is compromised.

Numbness in any other part of the hand IS NOT CTS, although this misdiagnosis is common.

How did I get carpal tunnel syndrome?

Tight and overstrained muscles are most commonly the cause of peripheral nerve entrapments. The most common causes of these are repetitive tasks and poor posture.

How long will it take for me to get well?

If the entrapment has recently occurred, patients often get significant relief within the first 2 carpal tunnel treatments, with only 2-3 weeks of follow up care needed. In certain instances the improvement can be much slower, such as when the entrapment has occurred for months or years, or if there are conditions that make the patient respond slower (such as diabetes).

Successful resolution of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome depends on:

  • identifying the entrapment sites
  • releasing the nerve from the structures that are placing pressure on it
  • and educating the patient on how to decrease cumulative injury through stretching and posture modification.

Our doctors will do everything we can to make your treatment as successful as possible.

What if I have numbness in another part of my hand or in my leg?

The first step is to determine the cause of the numbness through a careful exam. If it is from a nerve entrapment, there is a very good chance we can substantially reduce or eliminate your symptoms. It is important to state that the sooner we treat an entrapment, the better the prognosis.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment – Testimonial

Initial Complaint: Left hand/forearm (numbness, tingling, ROM)

"Since I had a 9-8oz baby boy, I didn’t realize carrying him around on my left hip for a year was the cause of my hand numbness. Dr. Kirk said I had a nerve entrapment and used active release and completely restored movement and feeling to my left hand/arm without the use of drugs!

Other doctors recommended muscle relaxers, but since I was still breast feeding it was very important to me not to use medications. This was cured naturally and I have had no further problems!

I am also coming to him for my 2nd pregnancy to help with hip pain issues. He is truly a master at what he does! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body at such a special time!."

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