Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention

Often, athletes find themselves in a slump or they seem to have peaked short of their potential. In many of these cases, there are treatable physical causes for these issues. At Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury (AHSI), we strive to improve athletic performance by combining cutting edge treatments with specific exercise protocols designed with your needs in mind.

Our treatment and exercise programs not only address existing conditions or injuries, but have the added benefit of decreasing the likelihood of future injuries.

AHSI’s Athletic Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention program is a personalized performance training regimen which includes a thorough evaluation, sport or task specific exercises and activity modifications.

In addition to treatment, patients will also receive sufficient instruction and resources to conduct the program on their own.

To begin the Athletic Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention program, simply call 913-764-2271 to set up an appointment, or click here to go to our “Become a Patient” page.

Our doctors will screen sports teams for potential injury-causing dysfunctions. For example, many non-contact ACL tears can be prevented, particularly in the female athlete. Call the office for details and team pricing.

Ultra Runner – Testimonial

"I have been running for over 15 years and never had a serious injury. However, in 2009 there were two different occasions in which I was worried I might have an injury that would cause me to quit running for a long time.

The first was an ultramarathon that was less than 4 weeks away when I developed a strange pain from my knee to my ankle. Upon the recommendation of my running coach, Eladio Valdez, I went to see Dr. Kirk Iodice. In our initial consultation, Dr. Iodice assured me I would not have to quit running and was confident he could help. Over the next 3 weeks, Dr. Iodice correctly diagnosed the problem, treated my leg and I was able to run pain free through my ultramarathon.

I ran more miles this year than any other year, and I can truly say that Dr. Iodice’s treatment and guidance allowed for this. I am pain free but continue to see Dr. Iodice as a way to avoid injury and pain. "
-C. G.

Runner – Testimonial

I was in a slump with my training and racing. I hadn’t felt good in almost 2 months, and then Dr. Iodice started working on me. He told me to keep training and racing while I was visiting him regularly. Five weeks later, I finally felt like I had my legs back underneath me and I ran a personal best in the half marathon!

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