What makes Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury different from other chiropractic clinics?
Why should I see your doctors versus my family doctor for back or muscle pain?
Aren't all chiropractors the same?
Once I begin treatment, will I have to come back for a long period of time?
What is maintenance care?
Why do chiropractors adjust joints?
What can I expect on my first visit?
Is it safe to visit the chiropractor when I am pregnant?
What does chiropractic education consist of?

What makes AHSI different from other chiropractic clinics?
We offer a unique combination of the most modern, clinically proven therapies which offer our patients quick, effective and long-lasting results. We provide patients with the research proven “gold standard” of care, consisting of adjustments, soft tissue treatments, rehabilitative exercise, and patient education. See our Treatment Info page for more information.

Why should I see your doctors versus my family doctor for back or muscle pain?
Our doctors have successfully completed extensive studies and specialized training in musculoskeletal anatomy, biomechanics, sports injuries, and rehabilitative exercise, allowing them to tailor an effective, personalized treatment program without the use of prescription medications or surgery.

Additionally, no health care profession is safer, more experienced, or achieves better results in treating back or muscle pain as do Doctors of Chiropractic.

Once I begin treatment, will I have to come back for a long period of time?
No. Returning patients to their active lifestyles in the shortest time-frame possible is one of our primary goals. We base our care on the patient's individual needs and case complexity, not on predetermined treatment plans. The end of treatment usually depends on reaching activity and performance goals set by the patient and the Doctor.

What is maintenance care?
Many patients find periodic follow-up visits particularly helpful so that our doctors may monitor their body’s performance. Just as patients visit their dentist periodically to avoid major problems, many of our patients return to ensure that small problems are corrected easily before they become more complex issues. However, you will never be required or pressured to receive maintenance care.

Why do Chiropractors adjust joints?
Adjustments restore motion to a joint and normalize its function. In most cases, other areas of the body that depend on it functioning normally will also benefit from adjustments. Medical textbooks will tell you that decreased motion in a joint leads to poor joint health and arthritis. Restoring motion to an area serves to improve the health of the joints and inhibits pain.

What can I expect on my first visit?
On your first visit you will receive a comprehensive exam that will evaluate joint motion, muscle tension and function, as well as gait analysis or other dynamic tests. X-rays are sometimes needed for the average patient, and are often required when an injury is suspected or the patient is 60 years or older. We refer out to local imaging centers.

The first visit usually takes 30-45 minutes. If patients have not completed their paperwork online, they are asked to arrive 15 minutes early.

Due to the thoroughness of the initial exam, treatment will not ordinarily begin until the second visit.

Is it safe for me to visit the Chiropractor if I am pregnant?
Absolutely!!! Our doctors are experienced at evaluating and treating the expectant mother as her body changes to accommodate the birthing process. Due to the effects of certain hormones, soft tissue work and rehab exercises are often more beneficial that adjusting, resulting in significant symptom relief for the mother. Our doctors are trained in research-proven, pregnancy-related pain relief treatments which are completely safe for the baby!

Pregnant women are often not allowed to take certain medications for the discomfort of low back, mid back, or pelvic pain. Our doctors will work hand-in-hand with your OB/GYN to provide a safe, natural and drug-free alternative to help alleviate the pain.

What does chiropractic education consist of?

Doctors of chiropractic are well educated and well trained. After completing the required pre-med undergraduate studies, chiropractors must complete a 3-4 year program at a government accredited chiropractic college. See below for a comparison of chiropractic education to that of a medical doctor.
Additionally, Doctors of Chiropractic must complete four sets of National Board Exams, as well as a Physiotherapy National Board. Chiropractors must then seek licensure through their State Board. Once licensed, chiropractors must complete continuing education hours each year, with 50 hours per year being required in the state of Kansas.

Subjects/ Class Hours/ Chiropractic vs Medical Students:
Anatomy 540 510
Chemistry 165 325
Diagnosis 630 325
Microbiology 120 115
Neurology 320 110
Obstetrics 60 150
Orthopedics 210 155
Pathology 360 400
Physiology 240 325
Psychiatry 60 145
Radiology 360 150
HOURS 3,065 2,710
Spinal Manipulation
Advanced Radiology Pharmacology
General Surgery
TOTAL HOURS Chiropractic: 4,485 Medical: 4,250

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